2011 Progress Report

Every year, Sustainability Partners Uniting Resources (SPUR) completes a Progress Report designed to measure success towards achieving the targets detailed in the Pathways in the Cochrane Sustainability Plan (CSP). The latest report on achievements in 2011 is now complete.

“The annual reports give us an effective way to determine how much progress we are making towards the targets in the CSP,” says Valerie McCracken, Co-Chair of SPUR.  “Tracking our progress allows us to ensure that the community is focusing its time and energy in the right areas to create a more sustainable Cochrane.”

The annual Progress Reports provide a “score” for targets in each of the 13 Pathways.  Initiatives receive a Target Achieved, Positive Progress Toward Target, Negative Movement Away From Target, Baseline Measure or No Change grade.

“In our 2011 review, we are seeing significant progress in the community,” adds Jeff Couillard, SPUR Co-Chair.  “We saw positive movement or targets achieved in eight cases.  There was negative movement in three targets, and for several we had no change or a baseline measure for the year.”

In addition to grading progress on targets, the 2011 Progress Report includes examples of successful sustainability initiatives all across the community.

You can download a full copy of the 2011 Progress Report  in PDF format here.