You know that “someone awesome” we were looking for? Meet Sharon.

Sharon MacDonald, SPUR’s new Communications and Engagement Coordinator.

Trying new things… bringing in new ideas and new energy – these are key signs of a strong, healthy organization.  And SPUR – the committee of community leaders which head the Cochrane Sustainability Plan’s implementation – has always been known for innovation and excellence.  So here I am, newly hired to serve as SPUR’s Communication and Engagement Coordinator!

The Cochrane Sustainability Plan, now in its fourth year, is riding on the momentum of many quick and significant successes.  It is time to reconnect with Cochrane’s many Sustainability Champions, Citizens and Ambassadors: hear what you have learned as you’ve practiced sustainability, find out what you need from SPUR for even greater success, and link you with others who also want to become Sustainability Champions, Citizens and Ambassadors.

The Cochrane Sustainability Plan is about building community – a specific kind of community in which we are all connected through a shared care for our natural resources, our cultural heritage, and our concern for each other.  Despite the era of social media in which we live, there are no shortcuts to community.  To build true community, people must actually sit down together to share their experiences, ideas and dreams.

And this takes time.  To make sure time is dedicated to the important task of connecting people in community, SPUR has asked me to head up Communications and Engagement.  In the next ten months, I hope to meet all of you, learn from you, share your ideas with others, and drink a lot of coffee.  We will find ways for you to get together and work together as Sustainability Champions, Citizens and Ambassadors.  What results will surprise us all!  I’m excited to see what we will create together as we build our sustainable community.

So don’t be surprised if you get a phone call from me very soon!