Enjoy Locally Grown Food!

2014 Tea with Local Producers - Cochrane

2014 Tea with Local Producers

Everyone seems to be talking about locally grown food!

WHY?  It tastes so much better than store-bought!  Picked only hours before delivery, locally grown food is fresher than the produce on grocery store shelves.  And because most produce travels 2500 km to reach the grocery store, your locally grown produce represents a significant reduction in transportation fuel and resulting GHGs.  Locally grown produce also avoids the packaging that is typical of grocery store purchases these days.

Best of all, buying local food supports local farmers and ranchers, helping them to keep agricultural land in production.  As you get to know those who grow your food, you gain an understanding of the sustainability practices that are part of good land management.  You can feel good about the way your purchases of local food support land stewardship and the value of agricultural lands.

The Cochrane Sustainability Plan highlights the importance of locally grown food in Pathway 5: “We consume the bounty of our local economy.”  Being able to grow food locally is part of becoming as self-sustaining as possible within our community.  To this end, the Cochrane Sustainability Plan’s goal is to increase local food consumption 50% by 2029 when compared to 2009.

HOW can you increase your consumption of local food?

1.  First, attend Cochrane’s annual Tea with Local Producers on Saturday, March 29!

Six years ago, Cochranite Mireille Hamel invited a handful of friends into her living room to have tea with the local farmers and ranchers from whom she bought her family’s food.  The event was so well-received that it became an annual occurrence, with a crowd of 200 Cochranites expected at this year’s event.  Guests will meet food growers, hear of their products and practices, then have the chance to sign on as this season’s clients.  If you would like to join Mireille, SPUR and Cochrane CookHouse at this year’s event, please RSVP to TeaWithLocalProducers@gmail.com, or indicate your interest using Cochrane Sustainability’s Contact Us page.

2.  Stop by the Cochrane CookHouse Artisan Market to purchase locally grown foods.

3.  And then in June, we hope to see you at Cochrane’s amazing Farmers’ Market!

We Cochranites are fortunate to have so many delicious and sustainable options.  Now let’s enjoy this locally grown food!

~Posted by Sharon MacDonald