A cornerstone of the Cochrane Sustainability Plan, our Pathways to the Future represent an integrated approach to achieving sustainability in Cochrane.  Each Pathway includes:

• A description of success – a portrayal of what Cochrane will look like in 50 years if we successfully work towards this Pathway.

• A description of the current reality – providing an understanding of our starting point today, including existing initiatives that are already underway.

• Targets – specific areas for the community to collaboratively work towards over a period of 10 to 50 years.

It is up to citizens, businesses, organizations and groups throughout the community to achieve the goals represented by the Pathways.  Each individual has a role to play if Cochrane is to become a truly sustainable community.

The 13 Pathways to the Future are organized in three key areas:

We Build a Culture of Responsibility

1. We are a socially responsible and empowered community.

2. We treat water as a precious resource.

3. We use energy responsibly and innovatively.

4. We contribute to the solution on climate change.

We Live Locally

5. We consume the bounty of our local economy.

6. Our local economy is healthy and diverse.

7. Everyone has an opportunity to pursue their potential in Cochrane.

8. We are a caring community that lives and celebrates together.

We are a Complete Community

9. Everyone has a roof over their head.

10. There’s enough room for everything a community should have.

11. Wherever you are in Cochrane, you’re close and connected.

12. There are diverse options for getting around.

13. We build Cochrane on the strengths of our natural and cultural heritage.