SPUR is a group of citizens who focus on creating a long-term strategy for the implementation of the Cochrane Sustainability Plan (CSP). In the initial stages, SPUR will lead the first year of the implementation phase and will focus on developing widespread action, reporting and movement towards the CSP.

The key roles of the SPUR are:

Guidance for the future of the Cochrane Sustainability Plan

  • Guide the overall CSP implementation process.

  • Prioritize actions. Provide forward thinking and strategic direction for the community on the actions that will have the most meaningful impact on Cochrane.

  • Develop a self-sustaining organization over time.

  • Ensure accountability to forward all six community systems that were identified through the development of the CSP.

Connecting the community

  • Act as a coordinator rather than a controller of the implementation process. SPUR recognizes and respects the autonomy of organizations and individuals and their ability to find creative solutions towards the CSP that work within their own context.

  • Act as an enabler. Develop multiple opportunities to engage with the CSP.

  • Act as a connector. Look for opportunities to develop partnerships within the community to create meaningful action.

  • Act as a catalyst within the community. Actively promote and seek out participation from the community.

Providing information to the community

  • Disseminate information on sustainability and how individuals and organizations can act.

  • Act as a knowledge base for sustainability action and models.

For more information on SPUR, you can call the information hotline at (403) 851-2273, or email info@cochranesustainability.ca.