Stepping Stones Provide Edge for Area Businesses, Organizations

Cochrane’s Sustainability Champions are about to get a significant leg up when it comes to being sustainable.  The sustainability business planning program that recently received funding through SPUR’s Bull Pen competition is about to launch workshops for community Champions.

“This Cochrane Stepping Stones program is designed to help area businesses set and meet environmental, social and economic goals that will further progress with the Cochrane Sustainability Plan,” says program organizer Natalie Pepin of Peratos Consulting Ltd. “Our workshops will consist of customized training on the concepts and tools for corporate sustainability, instruction on how to develop, implement and measure a sustainability plan, and coaching on communicating success with the community.”

Natalie Pepin is the President of Peratos Consulting Ltd, a capacity-building consulting firm that focuses its work on small business sustainability planning. Using the local community as the nexus for change, Natalie seeks to share her passion for systems thinking by empowering companies to develop and achieve their sustainability goals.

A Harvard trained professional, Natalie has studied corporate sustainability strategies, organizational change management, stakeholder engagement techniques, and renewable resource management. Natalie is also trained in Consensus-based Decision Making through the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.

Natalie is an Aboriginal representative on the Canadian Environmental Network’s National Council and is one of the founding organizers of the Calgary Sustainable Business Forum.

Beyond being a dynamic presenter and a skilled facilitator, Natalie is the proud mother of two young children who are the source of her inspiration to build a better, more sustainable future for everyone.

The goal of the Stepping Stones program is to increase the capacity of businesses in Cochrane and to participate in building a sustainable future for Cochrane residents.  Specifically, participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the various languages of sustainability
  • The ability to find the business case for sustainability
  • A clear picture of the impacts your business has on the environment, society, and the economy
  • The confidence to make sustainability decisions that are strategic for your business
  • The knowledge of how to integrate sustainability goals and objectives into purchasing decisions, hiring practices, job descriptions, employee performance reviews, policies and procedures
  • The ability to communicate your sustainability commitments to your clients in a meaningful way

Cochrane Stepping Stones will run from April to June.  There is no cost to participate, but all companies and organizations who take part must be Sustainability Champions for the CSP.

To learn more, you can download a PDF about Cochrane Stepping Stones, or email for more information.