Ambassador: Jeff Couillard

Name: Jeff Couillard

Jeff was born and raised in southern Alberta, and has lived in Cochrane with his wife and 2 dogs for the past couple of years. He currently supervises a wilderness-based drug and alcohol treatment centre for youth, located in the Ghost River forest.  Jeff joined the SPUR Board after finishing his Master’s degree in Environment and Management thru Royal Roads University, and is eager to put some of his knowledge and passion to use within the Cochrane community.

What actions are you currently taking (or have taken) to do your part towards achieving the Targets in the Cochrane Sustainability Plan (CSP)?

Jeff has converted his diesel truck to run on waste vegetable oil (Pathways 3 and 4), has a nice patch of vegetables in the backyard, shops in town as much as possible (Pathways 5 and 6) and volunteers on the SPUR Board (Pathway 1) to help facilitate the implementation of the Cochrane Sustainability Plan.  He believes the Plan has great potential to improve both the quality of life and the long-term viability of the Cochrane community.

Why do you think others should get involved with the CSP?

Because all politics is local, and municipalities are leading the world in the design and implementation of a sustainable future.