Champion: Pat’s Palate Pleasers

Sustainability Champions are playing a key role in achieving the goals of the Cochrane Sustainability Plan.  These groups, businesses and organizations agree to help achieve the Pathways and Vision of the Cochrane Sustainability Plan, and to make sustainable choices a priority in their operations.

Pat of Pat's Palate PleasersPat’s Palate Pleasers was one of the first local businesses to sign on as a Champion of Sustainability.  Owner Pat Parker recently took some time to explain why sustainability should matter to all of us.

Q. Why did you become involved with the Cochrane Sustainability Plan?

A.  The Cochrane Sustainability Plan Project Manager asked us if we could provide a 100-mile diet or sustainable menu.  We decided to give it a try and began researching what would be required to provide this type of service.  Once we got into the research it made more and more sense for us to offer this to all of our clients.  We see the social, economic and environmental benefits of offering the local menu option.

We realized that there was a need for someone who could offer a sustainable and local menu.  So many of the people in the food industry tend to buy ready-made products, many of which are produced abroad and in mass quantity.

Q. Why is sustainability important to you?

A. The idea around sustainability hits close to home for us — we are a small local business that depends on the local and regional community to succeed.  If the local economy and environment is thriving and healthy, we are able to succeed and enhance the quality of life for our clients through the services we provide.

We acknowledge that we have a role to play in doing so in a sustainable and responsible manner.  The choices we make as a company have an impact that can either be positive or negative — we choose a positive, sustainable impact and hope to lead by example.

Fast Facts

Champion in Profile:  Pat’s Palate Pleasers

Established: 2005

Location: Cochrane

Number of employees: 17

Services:  Catering in Cochrane and immediate area


Q. What are the main steps Pat’s Palate Pleasers takes to be sustainable?

A. We offer clients a Local 101 menu along with seasonal choices that we buy from local producers and fair trade commodities.

We have eliminated the use of paper and plastic plates, cups, cutlery and source out biodegradable products if requested.

We have started to compost coffee grounds for the Cochrane Community Garden project.  (The Cochrane Community Garden was one of six local groups to receive grants from SPUR to further their sustainability efforts). Read more here.

We also provide an organic menu choice for clients.

Q. How has being sustainable helped your business?

A. We have grown in our menu, ideas and contacts in the food network.

Q. What are the benefits of being a Cochrane Sustainability Plan Champion?

A. We are hoping that the community becomes more aware of our services. We have found a new network of like-minded people who have the same common interests and passion for great local food.