Champion: Upper Hut

Upper Hut Enterprises Ltd. was one of the first area businesses to sign on as a Sustainability Champion for the Cochrane Sustainability Plan.  Owners Bryan Skrypnek and Brent Schmidt recently spoke with SPUR about the importance of sustainability within the community, and how it affects almost all elements of their business.

Q:  Why did Upper Hut Enterprises Ltd. become involved with the Cochrane Sustainability Plan?

A:  Upper Hut got involved with the Cochrane Sustainability Plan in order to step away from a construction industry that can be a really unsustainable business.  We have participated in both unsustainable as well as very sustainable practices.  The more projects we run, the more we become interested in sustainable ways of doing things.  Quite simply, it is obviously the right thing to do.

Q:  What are the main steps Upper Hut Enterprises Ltd. takes to be sustainable?

A:  Sustainability for Upper Hut involves recycling building materials, donating lightly used materials to charity for resale and generally just advising clients on low energy and sustainable products and building systems.

Most recently Upper Hut has started work on what will hopefully become one of Cochrane’s first truly sustainable developments.  This project is extremely exciting for us; we are in the planning and design stage at present.  As a first stage we have taken an unlivable tear down of a home and through much effort, we have resurrected it into a really cute, clean, and rentable home.  Over 50 cubic yards of garbage that was left on the property has been successfully sifted through and recycled.  Also, one entire truckload of hazardous waste has been disposed of.  The goal upon developing this property will be to utilize or move the home, or at the very least, salvage some of the great materials this building has to offer.

In the end, the level of sustainability in a development such as this will be largely client driven.  We welcome the chance to connect with individuals who are interested in this kind of development.

Q:  What are the benefits of being a Champion of the Cochrane Sustainability Plan?

A:  Being a Sustainability Champion has served as a reminder and inspiration for us to take more care in our business decisions as they relate to sustainability and the environment.  We are committed to taking our business to a new level and will encourage any other business owners to do the same.